Trentième Etage Weddings in Paris was born in 2012.

Thao and Yoan are together immortalizing the beautiful days of lovers.
Thao and Yoan are like Chimène Badi, they come from the South. They kept the singing accent and the joy of living.
Both fathers of a cute bunch of cousins (and yes, they’re brothers-in-law!), They know the importance of capturing those family moments that will only happen once.
They love pretty things, take the time to enter your world, share your most precious moments and above all, put them in pictures.
Yoan and Thao cover weddings in Paris, France and around the world.
They are used to working together with the same mindset: discretion and efficiency, with one and the same goal: to make sincere memories of those unique, precious moments that will never come back.

mariages paris

Confused about how to choose your wedding photographer?

This is quite normal! You’ve probably spent a lot of time on Instagram and pinterest. You have viewed more than twenty portfolios so far …

And all of these wedding photographers in Paris are so talented!

At Trentième Etage, we do weddings in Paris as well as beyond the capital and we combine seriousness (an experience of more than 400 weddings, a real society) and fun (the best jokes in Paris).

Before making your choice, don’t underestimate what our Anglo-Saxon friends call the “feeling”. Indeed, we will share this unique wedding day with you and your loved ones.

Once upon a time there were weddings in Paris

That’s why it’s important that we meet. Not only for you to tell us about your wedding, but also for you to be sure that we are the right match.

Do not hesitate to reach us by phone, we are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday (you can also call us on Saturday or Sunday but you have a VERY high chance of getting on our answering machine since we will be married)

We respond to your requests within 24 hours, so don’t hesitate to take a look at your spam if you don’t see anything happening 🙂

We are Parisians and would be happy to discuss your wishes over a bubble tea, coffee or apricot juice (yes, we are crazy even in our choice of drinks)