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Wedding at Les Glycines de Saint Sulpice

Thinking back to this wedding at Les Glycines de Saint Sulpice, we say to ourselves that the reward in our profession is that some newlyweds become more than customers. This is the case with Blandine and Mickaël. So obviously we were HATE their marriage, but we also really had the pressure.

After being made up by our National Tuna Head and hair styled by Amandine from Atelier Coquette, Blandine joined her husband who discovered that not only was his wife the most beautiful, but also that her dress was just a wonder (Blandine created her dress itself in 15 days, the talent …)

They then made all their guests cry during a very pretty secular ceremony (all their guests = even us!) In the magnificent gardens of the reception hall, Les Glycines de Saint Sulpice.

But when you look at it, it felt like being at home, with family and a very warm atmosphere.

Getting together an hour from Paris in a place completely open to nature, brings to this wedding a totally different air that makes us breathe.

We then feasted, because rather than calling on a classic caterer, the bride and groom had chosen not one but two foodtrucks (La Brigade and After Eleven).

As much to say to you that the wisteria were ready to climb to also benefit from the two foodtrucks.

A 100% Moroccan henna ceremony

The evening then continued in a room decorated entirely by Blandine (the talent, the return …) with in particular a 100% Moroccan henna ceremony with wisteria of Saint Sulpice. Indeed the henna ceremony marks for the woman the passage from bride to bride.

The henna ceremony (from the Hebrew “hen” meaning “to find grace”) is a very special event in Moroccan culture. According to tradition, it is held the week or the day before the wedding night. By being “tattooed” on her hands and feet, the bride-to-be indicates to her suitors that her heart is taken forever.

During the ceremony, the bride-to-be is presented with several gifts including sugar representing happiness, eggs for the life-changing that awaits the bride, and pennies which represent prosperity. According to the customs and traditions, all these gifts are not presented to the bride until the end of the meal.

Wedding at Les Glycines de Saint Sulpice

The bride is then surrounded by her “ladies of honor” carrying candles. Once the candles are consumed, the future bride receives her henna tattoo. Playing an important aesthetic role, henna embellishes but it also serves to bring Baraka, luck and divine protection, to future spouses.

In short, the wedding went exactly as we had imagined (which can be described as an achievement).

Thanks again to Blandine and Mickaël for your trust and also (above all) for everything else.

A wedding at Les Glycines de Saint Sulpice