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Wedding photographer in Paris and in France, we are Thao and Yoan, and our job is to photograph magnificent weddings, in Paris and in France.

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We are Thao and Yoan, and our job is wedding photographer in Paris, everywhere in France, in the world, and even beyond (it is often said about us that nothing scares us, not even to cover a wedding outside 4G zone). First of all, to say that we don’t hang around and have 30 projects a minute would be an understatement. Nevertheless our photography is like us: it is alive! This is why you may be wondering how we will be with you. In fact, we will be ourselves: caring and involved (maybe even a little too much will tell you the bride and groom who are fed up with receiving our traditional greeting card when they said yes in 2013). Not only will we meet your friends and family, but we will follow you in your preparations, and sharing these unique moments is impossible if you do not like us to see this collaboration primarily as sharing.

A wedding photographer for your ceremonies

Our wedding reports are never the same because all of our clients are different. No staging, no script, but a story faithful to yours. You will not be made to replay the town hall exit, or even pose for 4 hours while your guests are enjoying themselves without you. Fun, the atmosphere on the track (you’ve never seen such beautiful wedding party photos, that’s normal, no one approaches the dancefloor like us!), Emotion, laughter , tears, stunts (not stunts…) and more if affinities. In short, we are pros (our more than 400 weddings as a photographer speak for themselves), nice, serious and quite funny (well we try) but above all we are photographers totally devoted to our clients and capable of you offer unique memories worthy of this unique day! A unique wedding photographer for a unique day …


photographe de mariage
photographe de mariage
Photographe mariage
photographe de mariage
Photographie mariage paris
photographe de mariage

A Wedding Photographer


One of our greatest pride is knowing how to cover very different weddings. We have the chance to discover new cultures, new customs (and yes even after more than 400 weddings, we still learn more!). Jewish wedding, Catholic, Oriental wedding, Tea ceremony, Secular ceremony, no ceremony at all, we know to this day practically all the services and the most crazy mixtures (from the Japanese-Ethiopian wedding to the Moroccan-Portuguese wedding through Turkish-Beninese marriage, we adore mixed couples, moreover we can tell you about ours on occasion). You are so beautiful, so in love, you deserve better than a report already seen, seen and reviewed: with Trentième Etage you will have photos that only look like you.


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Good thing we’re dying to know more. Since these few lines made you want to meet us and if you have any other questions, please know that we would be happy to discuss them over a drink or a Skype.

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