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Couple photo shoot in Paris

Séance photo à Paris

Golden hour and cotton wedding !

Couple meeting in Paris. It was for their first wedding anniversary (the cotton wedding anniversary) that Cécile & Baptiste decided to come and do a lovely couple photoshoot in Paris.

Paris to us all alone to enjoy it and take a wonderful couple photo.

The wedding anniversary is an opportunity, each year, to celebrate your growing and enriching love.

Couple meeting in Paris

The organization of a party is, more generally, reserved for “big birthdays”, like those of the 10, 20, 30 years of marriage. In this context, you can also decide to renew your vows. This renewal can take place at the Church, where the ceremony is conducted by a clergyman, or at any location of your choice. You can then ask a relative (your marriage witness, one of your children, your parents…) to take care of it.

And on this first wedding anniversary, it’s an event couples usually celebrate romantically.

So it was only natural that they called on Trentième Etage to do this couple photoshoot in the most beautiful city in the world, “PARIS“.

The couple photo shoot

The more traditionalists will prefer to give gifts that correspond to the anniversary of the wedding.

But do a photoshoot in Paris with a photographer and in a practically empty city. HAPPINESS….

The session brought a little romantic touch which is completely different from a wedding day where we do the couple session on the same day.

It was our first “year after”.

And I think we will make it a tradition at Trentieme Etage.

You should know that the materials symbolize the evolution of the marital union, over the years, the materials become more and more dense and solid.

So it is quite normal to want to immortalize these moments of life, in order to share them.

Sometimes words are useless, so “wow” “oh la la” “magnificent”, we let you admire these two young spouses.

Couple meeting in Paris

Couple meeting in Paris