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A Houppa at the Domaine de la Butte Ronde

Once upon a time there was a houppa…

A houppa with Hatan and Kala for the happiest day of their lives. It’s always a joy for us to cover a wedding at Domaine de la Butte Ronde (and good news, we’re going back at least twice this year!)

So what about Dasha and Sacha’s wedding?

Let’s be honest, it was off to a bad start… Their wedding was selling us dreams, but the day before we were covering a wedding in Provence, and the day before a wedding in Lyon.

Never mind, after a phone conversation, Dasha was convinced that she wanted us to be there for her wedding to Sacha, and Yoan convinced me that in the end, sleep was overdone …

Before the big day

Before arriving at this great day, the ‘Hatan (future groom) and the Kala (future bride) will each have followed a preparation in conformity with the marriage which will give them the necessary knowledge as well from the point of view of the Halakha as of Hashkafa which are the in-depth explanations of the general purpose of marriage and valuable advice. A week before the wedding, it is customary in Achkenazi communities that the ‘Hatan and the Kala do not see each other, in order to increase their love for each other.

D-day for a Houppa

Before the ‘Houppa proper begins, it is customary for the‘ Hatan to come and cover his Kala with a more or less opaque veil according to the various traditions. Now the Kala on the day of her union radiates a holiness even greater than that of ‘Hatan. His abundant prayers often said in tears, in order to guarantee the future success of his marriage, the passage through the Mikvah (the purifying waters of the Garden of Eden), the celestial mercy of sins on this holiest day of life , give it an undoubtedly unique radiance, unlike any other … Under the ‘Houppa, before becoming one, the souls of’ Hatan and Kala rise to unparalleled spiritual heights and at this time the Shekhina ( the Divine Presence in its feminine aspect) is revealed on the face of the Kala. It is then that it behooves the ‘Hatan to cover the face of his dear Kala, to veil that too intense glow.

Two photographers for a beautiful day

Accompanied by our dear Naïma (who is always by our side when our newlyweds choose a package with 2 photographers and her schedule allows it) we therefore accompanied our beautiful newlyweds throughout this magnificent day.

After a funny and moving ceremony at the ranch (rain oblige), we took advantage of the swimming pool to take some couple photos before immortalizing the atmosphere (and what atmosphere!) Of the evening.

And guess what? In addition to the photos, we offer you the proof in video!


A Houppa